The Assessment Test

The test most frequently or commonly used test for hearing is the “pure tone test”. This method uses soft tones to measure your threshold of hearing. The responses are plotted on a graph so that the examiner and subject can discuss the results upon completion of the assessment.

The following link offers a description of the assessment. Click here for the Medscape link.

An additional screening method is Tympanometry. This assessment evaluates the external ear and the ear drum. A probe is inserted into the ear canal creating an airtight seal. Sound is introduced with pressure change and the tool measures the bounce of the sound back from the ear drum. This movement is graphed to give a visual representation of the effectiveness of the middle ear’s functioning.

Wax removal

Wax in the ear is a natural occurance but more of a concern for someone wearing a hearing aid. The insertion of a hearing device may push some of the natural build up further into the ear canal and reduce the effectiveness of the device you are using. Let our qualified staff assist in this matter. Please call 519-396-6026 to make an appointment.

Custom earplugs

Save your hearing from intrusive environmental elements. We offer earplugs that protect from loud noises in working conditions, water while swimming or as a musician
Hearing aid cleaning, maintenance and repairs on all makes and models.

We know how difficult it can be when your hearing device is not working as it should. Scheduled maintenance will allow your equipment to operate trouble free well beyond its warranty date, but should there be issues let our service staff handle any necessary repairs.